Two Choices – The Same Magnificent Result

Australian Trikes can offer you two types of trike conversion:

The Honda Goldwing GL1800 Trike by Australian Trikes combines the pinnacle of Honda Motorcycle technology with the freedom, stability and control offered by an Australian Trike. With an engineering focus on safety and rider engagement, you’re guaranteed a rewarding experience every time you fire up the Honda Goldwing GL1800 Trike by Australian Trikes. The 2012 models boast a EURO-3 compliant 1832cc flat-six cylinder engine and a list of inclusions that would shame most luxury cars.

Standard Features

  • Fully integrated satellite navigation
  • MP3/i-Pod connectivity
  • Premium rider/passenger communication system
  • Honda’s motorcycle airbag system


Trunk Carpet and Cargo Bags

The carpet really finishes the trunk and the 2 cargo bags a specially made to utilizes the boot space up on top of the wheel arch.

Independent rear suspension.

As implied this is fully independent rear suspension, which also incorporates a torsion bar.

Again the drive is from the bike engine to a purpose built differential which also holds the upper and lower suspension arms with coils over shock absorbers. In this case the centre hydraulic shock absorber/ride height lifter is removed.

Trikes Colours

Rake the front wheel.

Because we are moving more weight to the rear end of the bike, you can get a situation of light front end at high speed (140+/Kmh) To rectify this situation we highly recommend that at the same time that we are fitting the trike conversion, that we also rake the front wheel outwards by 5.0 deg (90mm on the front axle) This stops the front end becoming light at high speeds.

We perform this rake by replacing the upper fork heads with a specially designed head which provides the 2.5 deg rake called EZ Steer.

Trikes Colours Behind

Standard solid rear axle.

This system uses a rear axle very similar to a car, and utilizes a drive shaft from the bike to the differential.

Two additional coils over shock absorbers are used between the axle and the frame of the original bike. We leave the centre hydraulic shock absorber/ride height lifter in place.



Overall Width 1467mm
Overall Length 2781mm
Wheelbase 1803mm
Load Capacity 272/kg
Tyre Size 205/70/R15
Brakes Automotive Style
Park Brake Mechanical Lever
Trunk Capacity 0.19/m3
Fits 5 full face helmets and more

Important Facts

Your GL1800 Goldwing is currently fitted with ABS braking system, this system works by utilizing an on board computer to measure the rotational speed of the front wheel and comparing this to the rear wheel. If one wheel is rotating faster than the other, then the ABS system will automatically brake the faster wheel.

Unfortunately with a trike having 3 wheels the on board computer system is unable to measure and compute 3 wheels, therefore for safety reasons we disconnect and remove the ABS system from the trike, and re-route the braking system so that the bike brakes as per a conventional motor bike (ie Right Hand handle bar lever operates the front wheel brake, and the right foot pedal operates the rear wheels brake).

According to the Australian Design Rules (ADR) the trike must be fitted with a park brake. To accommodate this requirement we fit an additional mechanical brake caliper to the rear rotors. Operation on & off is performed by a lever located on the right hand side of the trike.

Honda Goldwing Features

We recommend that the bike has traveled a minimum of 1000Km and that the 1st service has been performed by the authorized Honda dealer before we commence the trike conversion.

We recommend this because, the smaller problems with a new bike will normally show-up within a very short time after taking delivery and if the bike has already been converted to a trike, then the bike dealer may blame the trike conversion and not honor the warranty.

We need to state that neither Australian Trikes nor Champion Side Cars USA have heard of engine or transmission problems directly caused by the trike conversion, however, you need to be aware that if in the future that you did have an engine or transmission problem, then the Honda Dealer would probably deny you warranty claim, because they would say that the additional rear wheel put additional strain on the engine and transmission.

Honda SuspensionWe do not believe that this is the case, but it would be extremely difficult to prove one way or the other.Australian Trikes will warrant the conversion and our workmanship for a period of 12 months (or 20,000km whichever occurs first) from the time that you take delivery of your trike. This warranty specifically excludes tyres, brake pads and other items which are subject to normal ware and tear.

At the end of the conversion, all of those parts that we have taken off the original bike will be provided to you to do with as you see fit.

  • Rear Wheel and Tyre
  • Rear Swing Arm
  • Drive Shaft
  • ABS Brake plumbing
  • Rear Pannier Bags (excluding the locking mechanism and tail lights which are re-used on the trik
  • Upper Fork heads (if you have elected the EZ Steer option)
  • ABS Computer
  • ABS Modulators
  • Center and Side Stands
  • Centre Hydraulic shock absorber/ride height lifter (where independent rear suspension has been fitted)

When you receive your trike, it will need to be re-registered with your road authority.

From the time you order and pay your $10,000 deposit, it could take up to 3 months for delivery of the kit. During this time we are preparing the domestic parts, so that when we receive the kit, our actual conversion time is only around 2 weeks.

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